Adding devices from a Yubii Home Center app

The app allows you to add devices from your mobile device, check out how to do this.


The language of the gateway interface is different from the application language. Change the language by logging in to the gateway.

No administrator rights or old generation gateway (HC2/HCL).

Adding devices most often requires direct actions on the device – so user presence is key.

From the control screen of the respective device launched from the Favourites tab.

Only the gateway administrator has the rights to edit the device configuration.

Device name, room assignment, icon, role, category, setting of the favourite position of the roller shutter.

No, this functionality is not currently available.

No, just copy and edit the copied scenario.

When you open the scenes tab, the animation of the first item in the list will show you how to do it – move the row to the left, then select the icon with the gear.

Version 1.16 of the app requires iOS version 13 or higher due to new features.

Probably these are Quick App devices, the display of which was implemented in version 1.16. The visibility of these devices can be adjusted.

It has been moved to a separate button with an active profile icon at the top left of the screen.

The control screen is only accessible from the Favourites tab – it opens by clicking on the icon for a particular device.

It is required to update the gateway to version 5.102 or higher.

Click on the icon of the connected device → gear icon → Favourite position.

Go to the app settings.
More → Settings → Application Settings → Start-up view → Favourites / Home

Click on the star icon in the top right hand corner and then select ‘Home Summary’. To move an item, hold it and drag it.

Click on the star icon in the top right corner, then select Home summary and turn off visibility.

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