Widgets on your iPhone


In this article you can find out about:

  • What are the widgets and what is their purpose.
  • How to create a widget on your smartphone.

What is a widget?

Widgets are a functionality of FIBARO mobile app. Widgets allow for easy and quick access to the scenes and heating settings of your FIBARO Home Center via the main screen of your smartphone. Through this solution, you can run a scene or adjust heating from the home screen with just one touch of your finger.


Widgets on an iPhone or iPad (Home Center App)



  • FIBARO System with configured scenes
  • iPhone or iPad.

Adding new widget

  1. Go to the Today View, scroll to the bottom, and tap Edit.
  2. Tap Customise panel at the bottom.
  3. Add Fibaro Scenes and Fibaro Heating. To add a widget, tap . To remove a widget, tap .
  4. If you have added it for the first time, you may need to grant necessary privileges. Tapping on the widget will take you to our FIBARO Home Center app. Go to the Application Settings and activate Widgets.
  5. Your widgets should now be visible on the Today View.
  6. Now you can run scenes and adjust heating using FIBARO widgets.


  • PIN-protected scenes are hidden from the widget view.
  • You can expand the view to see more scenes.

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