What’s new in 1.17 version of the Yubii Home Center app?

Energy Panel
Accessible from the More tab and the Summary.

New Home tab
Group actions from house/section/room summary.
Simplified navigation.

Full control of devices
Changing the status of one or all devices of a given type accessible from the Summary.
Sensors and gates on the Favourites tab.

Temperature control
Set the zone temperature hold or enable vacation mode.

Connect the gateway to the WiFi network.
Adjust opening of the Control Views.


Note: To enjoy all the features, remember to update your gateway.


Go to MoreEnergy or after selecting the power item from the Summary tab in Favourites.

From the energy panel, you can view the current consumption, production and energy balance.
It is possible to change the time interval,i.e. hour, day, week, month and year,
and to change the display of energy values as kWh or in the selected currency.

Go to FavouritesHeating and click on the schedule icon. On the zone control screen, set the desired temperature and activate
the slider permanently.

Go to FavouritesHeating (or MoreTemperature) and select the Vacation mode button. Set the number of days.
Vacation mode allows you to set the selected temperature for the duration of your vacation from 1-30,
where the default value is 7 days.

The mobile device must be on the gateway’s local network (gateway Wi-Fi).

Go to Favourites in the top right corner→ tap StarSensors.

No gateway support, need to update the gateway firmware to 5.112 or higher.

No gateway support, need to update the gateway firmware to 5.112 or higher.

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