Walli Controller – activate Home/Away Profile


With FIBARO Walli Controller installed near your main doors, you can change your home with just one click when going away or coming back.


  • FIBARO Home Center 3, Home Center 3 Lite or Yubii Home,
  • Walli Controller.

Step-by-step tutorial

Install and add the device

  1. Install the Walli Controller near the front doors (refer to the user manual).
  2. Open the Home Center Configuration Interface.
  3. Go to > Devices.
  4. Click .
  5. Select Z-Wave Device.
  6. Click Start adding.
  7. On the Walli Controller, click any button 3 times.
  8. Wait for the device to finish the configuration.

Configure Profiles

  1. Go to > Profiles.
  2. If you prefer to create a new Profile rather than using an existing one:
    1. Click Add Profile.
    2. Name the new profile.
    3. If you want to copy settings from another profile, select it in Based on field.
    4. Select icon for the new profile.
    5. Click Add.
  3. Change settings for the Profile that will activate when you are going out:
    • if any devices should change state,
    • if any scenes should run, become disabled, or enabled,
    • if any Alarm Zones should arm or disarm,
    • If any Climate Zones should change to a manual setting or go back to schedule.
  4. Repeat for the Profile the will activate when you are coming back.

Creating scenes

  1. Go to > Devices.
  2. Click the Walli Controller to expand it.
  3. Open the Advanced tab.
  4. In the Button configuration section: click ADD ACTION for the action what you will use when going out.
  5. Name the scene and save.
  6. You will be moved to scene configuration with Conditions aready set for the action you chose.
  7. On the right sidebar select Panel.
  8. Drag and drop Profiles block to the Do the following column.
  9. In the Profiles block choose profile that should activate.
  10. Repeat for the coming back action and profile.

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