[HC2/HCL] Virtual Devices – Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual Devices are flexible and easy to create software extensions of FIBARO Home Center especially for integration purpose. Virtual Device can run Lua Script or send any string to any device visible in local network. In other words, with Virtual Devices you can build a complex solution to control many smart devices in your house like TV, Audio Systems and many more.

Most of the smart devices that can be controlled by Virtual Devices already have own, dedicated smartphone application. Duplicating it into form of Virtual Devices can give user manual control, but much more important feature of the Virtual Device is that it can be used with FIBARO Home Center scenes. It opens way to interact with many devices from different vendors and technologies under control of FIBARO Home Center system.

Virtual Devices can be presented as sets of buttons pretty much same as your TV remote control. To each of the button we can assign Lua code or http request which will be send to chosen device in LAN. Every single button can be triggered from FIBARO Home Center scenes. It is also possible to change label for each button existing.

To create a Virtual Device, you need access to Home Center 2 or Home Center Lite. It is worth mentioning that Home Center Lite does not have access to Lua coding and can only send http requests. If you think about more complex integration, FIBARO Home Center 2 will be a better choice. You can find technical instruction for creating Virtual Device under this link.

All files available on this website are free.

  1. Log in to your FIBARO gateway through the web browser and then click on “Devices” tab in top panel.
  2. Then click on “Add or remove device” button in left sidebar.
  3. Next Click on Button under “Import virtual device”.
  4. In the pop up window choose downloaded file, it will be loaded to your gateway automatically.

Please check if Virtual Device you downloaded is compatible with Home Center Lite.

Of course, after creating profile on marketplace.fibaro.com you will be able to create your own Virtual Devices. We thank you for your effort and support in this community.

FIBARO chooses some of Virtual Devices and after verification can stamp selected with label “FIBARO choice”.

Read this article to see how to create Virtual Devices.

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