Adding handlers to FIBARO devices in SmartThings Classic

Stay up to date with your FIBARO products and install a custom device handler in your SmartThings hub.
Follow this simple manual to install device handler to FIBARO Z-Wave devices.


  • Your FIBARO device,
  • Smartphone with SmartThings app,
  • Access to the Internet desktop browser,
  • SmartThings hub,
  • Device Handler from GitHub.


Step-by-step instruction

  1. Go to the SmartThings Website – IDE and log in.
    SmartThings integration app
  2. Go to the My Device Handlers and click Create New Device Handler.
    add SmartThings device
  3. Go to the GitHub and find your device.
    home automation device finder
    You can also use a direct link:
  4. Copy the whole code from the site.
    smart home code
  5. Go back to the WEB ST IDE, choose From Code and paste code in form. Click Create.
    SmartThings home manual 1
  6. Click Publish – For Me to complete the process.
    smart home manual
  7. After creating new device handler you can see the box with information about successful publishing.
    home automation with SmartThings
  8. After creating new device handler you can log out and close the browser.
    smart home devices
  9. It’s time to add your FIBARO Device to the hub. Take your phone and open SmartThings app. Go to My Home.
  10. Tap Add a Thing or plus icon.
  11. Now depending on your device:
    Click the Button at least six times.
    Quickly, triple click the button located on the casing.
    smartthings integration
    Quickly, three times press switch no. 1(turns the light on) or the B-button (located on device’s casing.
    Quickly, three times press one of the TMP buttons (while the other button is pressed).
    compatible sensors
    Quickly, press three times switch no. 1 or the B-button.
    Quickly, three times press the TMP button.
    SmartThings flood sensor
    Power the device (insert the battery).
    Click any button three times.
    LED will pulse white during the adding process.
    Quickly, three times press the B-button – LED diode will glow blue to confirm setting into learning mode.
    pair smart devices
    Quickly, press three times switch no. 1 or the B-button.
    Quickly, three times press the B-button or switch connected to one of the inputs.
    Quickly, three times press the B-button or switch connected to one of the inputs.
    Quickly, three times press the B-button.
    smoke detector button
    1. Move and hold your hand close to the center of the pad.
    2. smartthings compatible devices

    3. If the device is battery powered, high pitched beep will signal exiting the Standby Mode.
    4. Loud sound sequence will confirm entering the menu, keep holding your hand.
    5. After hearing two short beeps (green indicator colour), withdraw the hand and perform swiping up gesture to confirm selection (two beeps will confirm validity).
    6. smartthings compatible iot

    Quickly, three times press the S1 switch.

    Quickly, triple click the B-button.
    compatible with smartthings

  12. Confirm successful pairing.
  13. Now your device is ready to use. See the proper interface of FIBARO device.



Tap device icon (circle with icon and current state of device) in the app.

– Make sure you properly added handler and published them.
– Make sure your device hasn’t been added to a Z-Wave before. If not sure – perform a reset procedure.

You can find Reset instructions on FIBARO Manuals site in Operating the device section.

When wrong handler (looking as below) is assigned to your device you can change it manually.
smart home device handler
Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Add a FIBARO handler as in the article.
  2. Go to My Devices.
  3. Find the device and click it’s name.
    smart home generic
  4. Now it’s possible to see that the device has a generic handler. Click Edit.
    smart device handler
  5. Change the type to the name of the proper handler. Custom handlers (added by user) are always displayed at the end of the list. Save changes.
    custom smart home device

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