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Security of our home is a very important part of our lives. We buy secure locks, expensive alarms systems and do everything to remember locking the doors on the way out. But our smart home systems are as secure as our local network and phones. In this article you can find some tips on how to take care of your smart home security.

Security recommendations

  1. Make sure your Wi-Fi network is protected with a password (use unique and strong passwords).
  2. Use at least WPA2 network encryption.
  3. Filter MAC addresses in your router to accept only devices you know are secure.
  4. Change your network’s SSID name for something unique, but not obvious.
  5. Change default login data of your router (use unique and strong password).
  6. Change your default login data on your Home Center.
  7. Protect your Home Center account with a strong and unique password! (Long string of upper and lowercase letters, digits and special marks.)
  8. Change your passwords regularly.
  9. Use your own protected Wi-Fi connection to use your Home Center.
  10. Do not connect your Home Center to public networks.
  11. Do not share your Wi-Fi password.
  12. Do not let your computer or smartphone remember your passwords.
  13. Do not connect your devices to public networks.
  14. Log out after you finish using Home Center.
  15. Create backups!
  16. Use a firewall!
  17. Use antivirus programs.
  18. Update virus base. (Make sure if your antivirus program does this by itself.)
  19. Don’t open files from unknown sources.
  20. Make sure that every device you connect to your network or smart home is protected with a password or biometrics.
  21. Keep your software and operating system up-to-date.
  22. Wi-Fi for guest – check if your router has a possibility to separate a network for your guests.
  23. Update router firmware.

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