[HC2] Save energy with FIBARO and Hunter Douglas (Lua)


FIBARO System will detect too high or too low temperature in your house and will adjust your shades or blades to save energy and decrease your bills.




Step-by-step guide

  1. Log in to your FIBARO Home Center.
  2. Click on Scenes.
  3. Choose Add scene.
  4. Find Add scene in LUA and click on Add.
  5. As described, the LUA scene below will set your shades in the right position whenever there is too cold or too warm in your house.

Comments what does the code do:

  • fibaro:getValue(145, “value”) – reads the temperature from the FIBARO Motion Sensor
  • tonumber(fibaro:getValue(145, “value”) – simplifies the temperature reading to just a number
  • > 20 – compares it with our set threshold
  • fibaro:call(406, “playScene”) – executes the scene from the PowerView plugin
  • ( tonumber(fibaro:getValue(145, “value”)) > 24 ) – repeats the sequence for the upper limit

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