[HC2/HCL] Save energy with FIBARO and Hunter Douglas (Virtual Device)


FIBARO System will detect too high or too low temperature in your house and will adjust your shades or blades to save energy and decrease your bills.

This scene is made using a virtual device which works also on the FIBARO Home Center Lite. To read how to set it up in Lua without additional virtual devices, go to the article:

Save energy with FIBARO and Hunter Douglas (Lua)


  • FIBARO Home Center 2/Lite,
  • FIBARO The Button,
  • FIBARO Single Switch,
  • FIBARO Dimmer 2,
  • Hunter Douglas blinds or shades,
  • Configured PowerView plugin.


Step-by-step guide

  1. Log in to FIBARO Marketplace and download the Virtual Device for the PowerView plugin.
  2. Import the virtual device Hunter_Douglas.vfib in the Adding device screen (if you need help read more about adding VDs).
  3. Configure the Virtual Device as shown below.
  4. Go to the Advanced tab and scroll down to the buttons.
  5. Now we need to edit three parameters in each button:
    Host – in which we replace the given IP address to the IP address of your Home Center
    Authorization – your admin login:password converted to a string
    deviceID – you must enter the ID for the plugin.
    Each command requires authorization in Base64.
  6. To convert your login and password to a string, please use this converter:
  7. In the text area type in your login and password separated by the colon.
  8. Click Convert the source data and copy encoded text.
  9. Copy the encoded text and paste it after the word Basic:
  10. Replace the deviceID with the deviceID of your PowerView plugin in each button. To check it, go into Advanced tab of the plugin and check it the web browser address bar:
  11. Your virtual device is now configured and can be used in scenes now.
  12. This Virtual Device simply invokes the scene from your Hunter Douglas setup so whether the VD will close or open blinds, it is up to your setup at Hunter Douglas bridge.
  13. To set up such automation, we need to create two block scenes:

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