SATEL INTEGRA alarm hub integration with FIBARO HOME CENTER 3

Integration description

The following instruction manual concerns the integration of FIBARO Systems with Satel Integra alarm systems, connected via the ETH-1 Plus network card.

The instruction manual refers to official FIBARO Service Team(s) familiarized and equipped with DLOADX software. DLOADX provides Satel alarm hub configuration.

The integration process allows device(s) input / output status report and performing operations on the SATEL alarm system.

Attention: it takes up to 128 inputs / outputs of SATEL integra to be used by the FIBARO Hub(s) with SATEL plugins installed.

Configuration in DLOADX

  1. Run DLOADX and use the RS-USB interface or TCP/IP with ETHM-1 Plus card to connect with the alarm hub (RJ/PIN5 cable is required to connect the ETHM-1 Plus card with the Hub’s mother board)
  2. Open the Structure panel
  3. Select the Equipment tab and expand the Manipulators directory
  4. Select ETHM-1.
  5. Type down the following modifications:
    • Uncheck  Obtain IP address automatically (DHCP) 
    • Set the server IP address:
    • Enable the Integration checkbox
    • Select Port: 7094
  6. In the Structure panel  select the System bookmark and create a new zone named Fibaro. Setting up the zone is not necessary, it functions to notify about the alarm raised by the FIBARO sensors.
  7. Enter the Zones panel
  8. Select an empty Zone name bracket and type down Fibaro. Selecting the input is not necessary. This option functions to notify FIBARO sensor(s) status.
  9. Set:
    • Zone number (Part.) Fibaro, which was previously created
    • Wiring Type: according to the output (number set up, read N°11 of this manual)
    • Reaction type: 0: Instant
  10. Enter Outputs panel
  11. Select an empty Output bracket and name it Fibaro . Selecting the output is not necessary. Set:
    • Output type: BI Switch
    • Triggering: inputs (number set up in N°8 of the manual)

Optional – operating FIBARO systems via SATEL devices

Additionaly, You can create outputs, to operate FIBARO systems by using the Satel devices (example: the touch manipulator).

Create such output in a blank bracket and set:

  • Output type: Mono Switch
  • Cut off time: 0 min 2 sek.
  1. Open the Users panel
  2. Create a new user or select a previously created one
  3. In the user profile, set
    • Code: a pin set of 4-8 numbers
    • Authority level:
  4. Save changes in the SATEL hub

Configuration in the FIBARO system

  1. Log in to the configuration interface
  2. Enter Settings > Devices .
  3. CLick on  add device button
  4. Select other device

  5. Select: Satel
  6. After adding a new device, expand its options and enter Advanced  bookmark
  7. Set parameters, according to the previously created SATEL system configuration
    • IP address
    • Port
    • User code

Connection testing

  1. Check the SATEL hub connection (Test Connection) / (Testuj połączenie)
  2. When a proper connection message occurs, save settings by clicking the (Save) / (Zapisz) button
  3. When applied commands load up, enter Settings > Alarm
  4. Check, that all alarm zones got properly added
  5. Enter Settings > Devices and check are all input parameters properly uploaded.
  6. Provide names to devices and assign them to selected facilities.
  7. Check that input reactions are correct, interfere with specified sensors, to observe the status change.
  8. Under the input rows, Satel hub outputs appear. Proceed with correct outputs exactly like with the inputs.
  9. Creating a FIBARO scene which activates leaving, which triggers entry in the FIBARO sensor zone
  10. Creating a FIBARO scene which deactivates leaving

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