[HC2] Prepare for a movie with FIBARO and Hunter Douglas (Lua)


Start your Movie Scene with just one click of FIBARO Button or on your mobile device. Your shades will go down and lights will dim or turn off automatically!



  • FIBARO Home Center 2,
  • FIBARO The Button,
  • FIBARO Single Switch 2,
  • FIBARO Dimmer 2,
  • Hunter Douglas blinds or shades,
  • Configured PowerView plugin.


Step-by-step guide

  1. Log in to your FIBARO Home Center.
  2. Click on Scenes.
  3. Choose Add scene.
  4. Find Add scene in LUA and click on Add.
  5. As described, the LUA scene below will set your shades in the right position whenever there is too cold or too warm in your house.

Comments what does the code do:

  • 218 CentralSceneEvent 1 Pressed – sets 1 click of The Button as an event starting
  • fibaro:call(107, “turnOff”); – turns off the light connected to the FIBARO Single Switch 2
  • fibaro:call(99, “setValue”, “30”); – dims the lights connected to the FIBARO Dimmer 2
  • fibaro:call(405, “playScene”) – executes a scene which closes the blinds

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