Pairing devices with Intercom


From this article you will get to know how to pair devices with your Intercom. The paired device associated with the Intercom can act as a key and open the door lock when you approach.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Go to the menu.
  2. Go to the User Settings.
  3. In the Paired Devices section tap Add Device.
  4. Turn on Bluetooth in the device which you want to add and tap Start Pairing.
  5. Select relays for access and tap Next.
  6. Choose the device you want to pair with and tap Pair.
  7. Calibrate the device, by following steps on the screen and tap Next.
  8. Set the distance from which your paired device will open the connected relays. The calibration process means that the level (percentage) shown on the screen determines the distance from which Intercom will open the relays. The higher the percentage, the closer you need to put the phone to the device to open the gate. Set your device in a desired distance and tap Calibrate to save it as a threshold.
  9. Tap Finish.



It is always possible to remove the trusted device or to change the relay the device opens.

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