Installing Netatmo plugin in FIBARO Home Center


In this article, you will learn how to add Netatmo to your Home Center.

First, you have to set up your Philips Hue devices. Check out the Netatmo website for more details.



  • FIBARO Home Center Lite/2
  • PC or Mac with the network connection
  • Netatmo devices


Obtaining client ID and secret

  1. Log to your Netatmo account. Click CREATE AN APP.
  2. Fill out the form and confirm that you accept Netatmo APIs Terms and Conditions. Click SAVE.
  3. Click Activate.
  4. Your client ID and secret are as provided!


Step-by-step guide

  1. Go to the Plugins tab.
  2. Click on the Available tab on the left sidebar.
  3. Click Climate.
  4. Click the Install button next to netatmo logotype.
  5. Click Free.
  6. Click Add.
  7. Enter the following details:
    – Username (e-mail address),
    – Password,
    – Client ID,
    – Client Secret.
  8. Click Get Devices and then click the floppy disc icon to save changes.
  9. You can find your Netatmo in Devices tab.
  10. You can also choose Netatmo as the main temperature sensor or as the main humidity sensor.
    If you want to choose Netatmo as one of your main sensors, go to the Configuration tab and select Netatmo from the list.


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