[HC2/HCL] Magic Scene: Get a notification when it’s raining


The weather is cloudy and you’re not sure the window can still be open? With FIBARO System you’ll get a quick notification on your phone.


  1. FIBARO Home Center Lite or Home Center 2,
  2. PC or Mac.


When it’s raining, you’ll get a notification on your smartphone to remind you about closing the windows.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Log in to your Home Center through the web browser.
  2. Select Scenes from the top menu.
  3. Scenes

  4. Click Add scene under the Scenes header located in the sidebar.
  5. Add_scene

  6. Click Add in Add Magic scene section.
  7. Choose the triggering device. Drag and drop or click the Weather icon. Then click Next.
  8. Magic1.1

  9. The list of conditions will be displayed. Select Rain and click Next.
  10. Magic1.2

  11. Select the event that will occur after meeting the conditions. Drag and drop or click the Notifications icon. Then click Next.
  12. Magic1.3

  13. Set the action to be performed – send a push notification. Expand the list to find your mobile device, type in the desired text, and press Next.
  14. Magic1.4

  15. Type a name of the scene and assign it to a room if you want. Press Save if done.
  16. Magic1.5

  17. In the configuration window tick the option Do not allow alarm to stop scene while alarm is running.
  18. Magic1.6

  19. Save the changes
  20. Save


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