[HC2/HCL] Interactive push notifications in FIBARO Home Center


FIBARO introduces a new, exciting functionality: interactive push notifications. Now you are able not only to receive a message but also take the action right away by running another scene! In this short manual you can see how easy it is to create and configure interactive push notifications! You can do it through both types of scenes – Magic and block.


  • FIBARO Home Center Lite or FIBARO Home Center 2,
  • Apple iPhone or Android phone,
  • FIBARO Home Center.

You can also use interactive notifications with Apple Watch. Check in our tutorial how to configure notifications in your Apple Watch.

Magic scenes

Scene description: This scene will send an interactive notification everyday at 7 AM. This notification contains a question whether to run “Wake up” scene or not.

Step-by-step instruction:

    1. Log in to the Home Center browser interface. Go to the Scenes section and click on the Add Magic scene button.
      smart home push notifications
    2. Select condition – click on Time tile and then Next.
      smart home push notifications 2
    3. Set up timer for suitable time and click Next.
      smart home notifications
    4. Select device for THEN action – in this case Notifications and Next.
      smart notifications
    5. Select Send interactive push notification and choose the device which will receive the notication. You can also choose between two types of action – run/cancel or yes/no. Type the content of the notification and select name of scene triggered by the notification.
      automated home scenes
    6. Check if the settings of the scene are correct.
      smart home alerts
    7. Name the scene and assign it to room. Save the scene.

push notifications for smart home

Block Scenes

Scene description: Interactive notifications through block scenes allow to set up more triggering conditions than Magic scenes. In this scene push notification will be sent at given time and after turning on the light.

Step-by-step instruction:

    1. First create a notification: Go to the Panels and select Notifications Panel. Set up title and push content. Both SMS and e-mail content are also required but you can just copy and paste them from push content.
    2. Log in to the Home Center browser interface. Go to the Scenes section and click on the Add block scene button.
      home automation notifications
    3. Select first triggering device – Timers and select Days of the Week. Set up suitable days.
      iOS smart home
    4. Add second trigger – Lighting which is turned on. Select the Light from Devices list. Set up the condition light = ON.
      smart home security push notifications
    5. Choose the interactive push. Select the device that will receive notification, then name of previously created notification, type of action (run/cancel or yes/no) and the name of the scene. Save the scene.
      automated smart home

Preview of an interactive push

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