[HC2/HCL] How to integrate Logitech Harmony with FIBARO System?

Table of contents

  1. Requirements
  2. Installation

Control even more devices in your house using FIBARO Home Center plugin for Logitech Harmony Home Hub. Using plugin you can control any devices compatible with Logitech Harmony Home Hub directly from FIBARO Home Center. The plugin allows executing any “activity” defined in the Home Hub manually or via FIBARO Home Center scenes. Experience benefits from the powerful integration of both platforms.


  • FIBARO Home Center,
  • Logitech Harmony (installed and configured),
  • PC or Mac.



  1. Log in to your Home Center.
  2. Go to the Plugins and look for Harmony or Logitech Harmony.
  3. logitech harmony plugin

    logitech harmony install

  4. Click on Install.
  5. logitech harmony device

  6. In the next step click on Add to add a new Logitech Harmony device.
  7. logitech harmony combined

  8. Go to Advanced tab to connect your Logitech Harmony with FIBARO Home Center.
  9. logitech harmony setting up

  10. On the next page there are three sections:
    Connection status
    logitech harmony integration
    Generate pincode
    Logitech harmony installation
    Enter pincode

    To connect devices you have to generate a pincode and turn on your Logitech Harmony for time of the process. Click on Generate Pincode.
  11. You are taken to login screen. Sign in with your Logitech Harmony credentials.
  12. Logitech harmony data

  13. Copy the pincode from the next page.
  14. Logitech harmony setup window

  15. Enter the pincode in given area.
  16. logitech harmony set up

  17. Save changes by clicking on the disc icon.
  18. Logitech harmony setup

  19. It’s easy to see if the integration is successful. See in device settings if Logitech Harmony is connected.
  20. logitech harmony ultimate

  21. Logitech Harmony integration is visible as:
  • Harmony Account virtual device – where you can see and manage the integration settings
  • logitech harmony software

  • Hub Support – where you can change connection status and activities list.
  • logitech harmony

  • Every activity from Logitech Harmony is also listed as a separate device, so you can trigger it manually or easily use in your scenes.
  • logitech harmony plugins

Notice: Remember that Logitech Harmony does not report its state to FIBARO Home Controller. Ongoing activities are visible only if triggered using Home Center system.

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