First configuration of Intercom in Android app


In this brief tutorial you’ll get to know how to configure your FIBARO Intercom device using app for Android.


  • FIBARO Intercom (already installed),
  • Android device,
  • FIBARO Intercom App
    FIBARO Intercom


  1. Launch the downloaded FIBARO Intercom app and grant all necessary privileges.
  2. Enter your FIBARO ID e-mail address and password, log in and click CONTINUE.
  3. If you don’t have FIBARO ID Account, you can create one here. Enter your e-mail address and a Password. Click CREATE ID and Verify your e-mail.
  4. Create a home and name it.
  5. You see the list of devices waiting for configuration, choose the one you want to configure. If you don’t see any devices, come closer to your device.
  6. After selecting your Intercom from the list, you can establish a network connection.
    You can do this in three ways:via Wi-Fi or LAN (automatically or manually). We recommend connecting via LAN Auto.
    • IF the Wi-Fi option is selected, choose wireless network and enter password for it.
    • IF the Ethernet (Manual) option is selected, enter IP address, subnet mask, gateway and DNS.
  7. Provide your name in a form and tap Next.
  8. Set up your PIN Code. You can use it later to open the door/gate.
  9. Set local access password. Remember this password, you will need this to local access to your Intercom. This password doesn’t has to be the same as FIBARO ID password.
  10. Check if all provided data is correct and tap Finish.
  11. Wait a moment for a device to register. After successful registration you will see a view from the camera of your Intercom. If you didn’t succeed, do the factory reset and go through the whole process again.

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