Connecting FIBARO Smart Home Bot

Communicating with your FIBARO Home System can be as easy as chatting with a friend. Check what do you need and how to configure FIBARO Smart Home Bot.


  • Home Center Lite, Home Center 2 or Home Center 3 (with firmware 4.160 or higher),
  • Facebook/ account,
  • FIBARO ID¬†account with connected gateway.

How to connect your FIBARO ID account to the Messenger Bot?

    1. Find the FIBARO Smart Home Bot on or FIBARO Page and send a message.
    2. Click/tap/type Get Started.
    3. The bot will greet you and in the next step you login by typing: Login.
    4. Click the Log in button.
    5. Login to your FIBARO ID account to connect it with bot.
    6. After successful connection information about it appears in the Messenger.
    7. List Home Center devices to start using FIBARO Smart Home Bot. See the list of commends you can use.

How to disconnect your FIBARO ID account with FIBARO Messenger Bot?

      1. Open the conversation with FIBARO bot and type: Logout.
      2. You will get a message about successful disconnection.

FIBARO Smart Home Bot commands

You can find a list of commands in the separate article.

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