FIBARO Intercom iOS app installation

Table of contents

  1. Requirements
  2. Instruction

In this brief tutorial you’ll get to know how to install FIBARO App on iOS device.


  • FIBARO Intercom (already installed)
  • iOS device (preferably Apple iPhone)
  • FIBARO Intercom App



  1. Launch the downloaded FIBARO Intercom app.
    homekit intercom
  2. Create a home and name it.
    homekit smart intercom homekit smart intercom app smart intercom ios app
  3. You see the list of devices waiting for configuration, choose the one you want to configure.
    the intercom smart home
  4. Name your device.
    intercom app setup
  5. After selecting your Intercom from the list, you can establish a network connection.
    You can do this in three ways: via Wi-Fi or LAN (automatically or manually).
    intercom app installation
  6. Provide your name and photo in a form and tap Next.
    smart doorbell camera app
  7. Set up your PIN Code. You can use it later to open the door/gate.
    smart doorbell cam set up
  8. Set local access password.
    smart doorbell app
  9. Check if all provided data is correct and tap Finish.
    smart doorbell iOS
  10. Wait a moment for a device to register.
    smart doorbell HomeKit
  11. The next step is a certificate installation. Tap the button Install Certificate.
    smart doorbells
  12. Tap the button Download Certificate in your browser.
    smart doorbell intercom
  13. Allow the website to open settings.
    intercom app setup
  14. Tap Install.
    intercom app setup 1
  15. Enter your phone’s passcode to confirm the installation.
    intercom app configuration
  16. Read the warning and confirm by taping Install.
    intercom app integration
  17. Confirm the installation of the profile and tap Done.
    app setup for intercom
  18. Go back to the app.
    fibaro intercom smart intercom iphone
  19. Now it is time to set up certificate trust. Go to Settings > General > About > Trust.
    intercom iphone app video doorbell iPhone app iPhone app intercom doorbell camera application iTunes
  20. Go to Settings. Scroll down and find a General tab.
    iOS intercom app iOS smart doorbell app
  21. Tap About.
    iOS smart doorbell app
  22. Tap Certificate Trust Settings.
    intercom trust certificate
  23. Read the warning and confirm installation.
  24. After successful confirmation, you see trusted certificate turned on.
    smart video doorbell camera
  25. Now you can start using your Intercom.
    smart video doorbell camera instal


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