FIBARO Home Center Lite – Installation and first launch in browser

FIBARO Home Center Lite is the great way to start your adventure with home automation.

With a few simple steps you can install and launch your gateway.



  • FIBARO Home Center Lite,
  • PC or Mac,
  • Router connected to the Internet.


  1. Start from connecting the antenna, by turning the mounting screw clockwise.
  2. Using the included ethernet cable, connect Home Center Lite’s LAN port to a router in order to connect the gateway to Internet.
  3. Connect the included power adapter to Home Center Lite and plug it to the mains socket.
  4. Press the POWER button briefly. Your Home Center Lite will be ready to work in few seconds.

First launch

    1. Download and install FIBARO Finder designed for your operating system.


    2. Start the FIBARO Finder and click “Refresh”, choose the one you wish to connect and click “Connect“.
    3. After successful connection you will access HCL Login Panel.
    4. After successful connection you will access HCL Login Panel.
    5. Choose your language version, enter login and password. (default credentials are admin/admin).
    6. Click Log in – now you can operate your home automation system.

Now FIBARO Home Center Lite is set and ready to use!

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