Enabling notifications for your HomeKit accessories

FIBARO HomeKit-enabled accessories can be configured to send push notifications to alert you about specific events in your home. For example, our FIBARO HomeKit-enabled Door/Window Sensor can inform you when the door is open or closed.


  • Apple iPhone or iPad with iOS 10 or later,
  • FIBARO HomeKit-enabled accessories,
  • Apple home hub (Apple TV, iPad or HomePod) – required to receive notifications while away from home.


Step-by-step instruction

  1. Open the Home app. 3D Touch or hold longer selected accessory to open the settings screen (Door/Window Sensor in our example).
  2. Tap Details.
  3. Scroll down and tap Status and Notifications.
  4. Toggle on Allow Notifications.
    IMG_2288_ IMG_2289_
  5. Separate the sensor and the magnet to see if the current status changes to Open. The notification will be displayed.
    IMG_2290_ IMG_2291_


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