Downloading logs from the Intercom


FIBARO Intercom is a very complex device, which operates on your network. To provide you better assistance with your issues, it is worth providing us with some insight about your specific hardware and network configuration. The following tutorial will show you how to download logs from the Intercom so that you can send them in together with your enquiry while contacting FIBARO Support.


  • PC or Mac,
  • Local access to the Intercom.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Find the IP address of your Intercom. You can check it in the Advanced tab in the Home Center.
  2. Open the web browser of your choice and go to the address of your Intercom and add port 30001. So your web address should look like: Log in using the last 8 digits of the Intercom’s serial number.
  3. Click GENERATE REPORT. Generating a report may take up to 3 minutes. During this time, do not operate the device or do not change any settings.
  4. After the file is generated, it will automatically download as
  5. From now on, when you have some issues with your Intercom, please attach this file to your correspondence with FIBARO Support.

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