What is the difference between Home Center Lite and Home Center 2?

FIBARO Home Center 2 is designed for commercial or larger premises where you may need to link multiple units together in a network for controlling in a wide area.

Home Center 2 compared to Home Center Lite is more advanced controller. Home Center 2 apart from functionalities included in Home Center Lite ensures additional usable possibilities:

  • LUA Programming – LUA is a programming (scripting) language commonly used in home automation controllers to enable users to create more complex control scenes than supported by the controller’s Scene editor.
  • LUA based virtual devices – to create virtual device and program each button in LUA language individually,
  • VOIP Communication,
  • SATEL alarm system integration,
  • Non-limited number of plugins.

Home Center 2 can work as a Master and perfectly meets requirements designed for this purpose.



Home Center 2

Home Center Lite

HC2_icon HCL_icon
Dimensions 225 x 185 x 44mm 90 x 90 x 33mm
Case Cast Alloy Plastic
Processor Intel Atom (1.6 GHz) ARM Cortex-A8 (720 Mhz)
Remote access YES YES
Magic scenes YES YES
Block scenes YES YES
LUA scenes YES NO
LUA virtual devices YES NO
String-based virtual devices YES YES
Satel alarm integration YES NO
Working as a stand-alone controller or a slave YES YES
Working as a master controller YES NO


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