Creating scenes in the FIBARO for HomeKit app


HomeKit allows to create scenes and automations to free the potential of a smart home. Scene in HomeKit is a group of devices and their parameters set in a given arrangement, configuration. They can be activated manually, using Siri, or via the automation.


Scenes vs. Groups

HomeKit allows users to group devices for better managing. Grouping improves usability because you can turn on or off a few devices at once, with just one Siri command or one tap.

Scenes, however, allows to do much more advanced device arrangement because you can select devices together with its parameters. For example, you can have one device to turn off and another to turn on programmed as a one scene.


How to create a scene

  1. Open the Fibaro for HomeKit app. To create a new scene, tap Scenes at the bottom.

  2. Tap the plus symbol in the upper-right corner.
  3. Tap Scene.
  4. Choose which devices will be included in the scene.
  5. Select the first device and set its parameters to a desired state. Tap Add to add it to your scene.
  6. Select the second device and set its parameter to a desired state. Tap Add to add it to your scene.
  7. Finish the scene by tapping Next.
  8. Check the summary (you can test the scene by tapping Test Scene) and tap Next to continue.
  9. Name the scene and tap Save.
  10. Your scene is ready and it’s listed under the SCENES bar.

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