Camera Panel – FAQs

RTSP stands for Real Time Streaming Protocol. The display shows what is currently being recorded by the camera. Real time means, what is happening now.

Hierarchy was applied to the system. Most important task is to provide a correct stream. The software does not have a automatic switch to a correctly provided stream, thus a correct stream is necessary. Example: If the RTSP is incorrect and MJPEG is correct, there will be no automatic switch to MJPEG.

The stream preview, via RTSP path. is possible through Yubii Home Center and LAN network ( only! ). The preview is not available in the internet browser.

In the camera instruction manual or SUPPORT section at the producer’s website http://www.ispyconnect/com/cameras

Yubii Home Center saved the IP address. The application is compatible with the camera as long as LAN access remains available.

Set the path that the camera operates with. Selecting the correct order – display path (s) is most important.

After installing the dedicated plugin (found on the central HUB) any camera can be used, as long as it is available locally. H.264 and H265 is available locally for other cameras than Dahua, thanks to the RTSP support.

In most cases the JPEG stream is possible to be set as a sidestream. Such option is located in the camera’s configutation panel – camera settings. Otherwise, logging through the IP address fixes the issue (if possible)

Attention !

Yubii and Home Center 3 Lite allows adding cameras only through JPG stream.

Yubii and Home Center 3 Lite allow to locally use the RTSP.


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