[HC2/HCL] Block Scene: Close shutters and send notification when it’s raining


Rain often comes unexpectedly. With FIBARO home automation system you can create a scene that will roll down the shutter when it rains and send you a notification (read this article on how to create notifications) and the window is still opened.


  • PC or Mac,
  • FIBARO Home Center Lite or Home Center 2,
  • FIBARO Door Window Senor,
  • FIBARO Roller Shutter Controller,
  • YrWeather Plugin installed on Home Center.


It will roll the shutters down and send you a notification to your mobile phone or iPad, when the Door Window Sensor are breached.


Step-by-step guide

  1. Select Scenes from the top menu.
  2. Scenes

  3. Click Add scene under the Scenes header located in the sidebar.
  4. Add_scene

  5. Click Add in Add scene using graphic blocks section.
  6. Graphic_blocks

  7. Set first condition to trigger the scene. Click the + (plus) icon, select Weather and find Weather Conditions.
  8. Home Center Lite

  9. Then set comparator: =(equal), expand the list in green block and select a proper weather condition: rain.
  10. Click the + (plus) icon, and select Commands -> And.
  11. andblock

  12. Add second condition – Click the + (plus) icon, select Devices and find your device: Door Window Sensor.
  13. Then set comparator: = (equal) and select the status from the list displayed on green block: breached.
  14. dwbreached

  15. Now set actions that will take place after triggered conditions. Select Then block.
  16. thenblock

  17. First – send a notification to the assigned phone. Click on + (plus) and select event – push .
  18. notificationcropped

  19. Select the device to display the push on from the list (read this article on how to create notifications).
  20. push

  21. Second action – roll down the Roller Shutter. Click the + (plus) icon, select Devices and find Roller Shutter.
  22. rollershutter

  23. Change the operator to = (equal) and set the status to close.
  24. rollerclosed

  25. When everything is set, click the Save icon.
  26. Save

  27. Name the scene and assign to the suitable room.
  28. Click the Save icon to complete.
  29. Save

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