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Read this article to see how to connect Amazon Alexa with FIBARO System.

Amazon Alexa is Amazon’s voice service that responds to questions and commands. Alexa can give you the latest news, tell you the current weather forecast, play music, control connected home products, and much more.

FIBARO Smart Home Skill Smart Home Skill provides a simple way for you to enable Alexa voice interaction to control and check the status of your FIBARO System.

You need:

  • FIBARO Home Center 3, Home Center 3 Lite, Home Center 2, Home Center Lite or Yubii Home,
  • FIBARO ID account with gateway assigned,
  • Amazon Alexa device.

FIBARO ID is an account that allows you to use all FIBARO services with one profile.

You can control switches, dimmers, color controllers, blinds/shutters, gates, thermostats and scenes (you will find more here).

Not at the same time.
You can change which gateway is used in Alexa by activating it as default integration gateway at
Alternatively, if you have multiple FIBARO ID accounts you can create Alexa Household Profile and switch between user profiles with FIBARO ID account assigned to each.

Yes, by logging to the same FIBARO ID account while enabling the Skill.

Yes, by using same Alexa account on multiple devices or login to the same FIBARO ID while enabling the Skill on each device.

Devices are refreshed every hour. You can also use “Discover devices” command to refresh them instantly.

By grouping devices in Amazon Alexa app or using room name from your FIBARO System.
Alternatively you can create scenes that control multiple devices.

FIBARO Smart Home Skill:
“Activate/turn on [scene name]”
Scene must be visible and enabled. Lua Scenes and scenes using security devices cannot be used with Alexa.

You can check which gateway is currently used at The gateways used in Alexa will have Integrations: Active in its details.

Prefer common English words as names of devices, e.g. “kitchen light”, “corridor camera”.

Try changing name of device used in command.

In Home Center 2/Lite make sure the “Controlled Device” Advanced setting for this device is set to “Wall lamp”, “Garden lamp”, “Lighting” or “Bedside lamp”.
In Home Center 3 / 3 Lite / Yubii Home make sure the “Role” for this device is set to “Wall lamp”, “Garden lamp”, “Light” or “Bedside lamp”.

Make sure:

  1. Your gateway is properly connected to Remote Access via FIBARO ID used in Home Control Skill.
  2. Your gateway Integrations for your gateway is set to “Active” on
  3. Your gateway is updated to the latest firmware.

If Alexa still doesn’t find any devices, disable and enable the Home Control Skill again.

For your safety Alexa service does not allow to control devices connected with security (check all supported devices here). Devices of types listed below and scenes that control such devices will not be discovered:

  • Cameras
  • Doorlocks (e.g. Kwikset, Shlage)
  • Intercoms (e.g. Mobotix, Helios)
  • Alarms (e.g. Satel, DSC)
  • Virtual Devices

Lua scenes are not supported!

Read this article to see how to connect Amazon Alexa with FIBARO System.

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