Setting parameters in the FIBARO for HomeKit app


FIBARO HomeKit-enabled accessories allow you to personalize and adjust settings to work with your needs. The FIBARO for HomeKit Devices app allows you to easily set up advanced parameters.

In this short article you’ll learn how to change the parameters of the FIBARO HomeKit-enabled devices and what parameters each device has. However, please note that some parameters may drastically change how the device operates so please do not change the defaults parameters if you are not sure about how they operate.



  • iOS device (iPhone, iPad),
  • FIBARO for HomeKit Devices app,
  • FIBARO HomeKit-enabled device with the latest firmware.


Where to find and change advanced parameters

  1. Open the FIBARO for HomeKit Devices app and tap device you want to configure.
  2. Tap gear icon to go to the accessory details.
  3. All custom parameters are displayed in the Parameters section. Tap on the parameter to change it.
  4. The description of the parameter and the available options will be displayed.
  5. Tap the setting of your choice (a check mark should indicate which parameters is active) and tap Save to change it permanently.


Advanced parameters available in FIBARO devices

– Audio feedback feature

– LED ring illumination color

– Power change notification

– Notification

– Reset peak level

– Emergency Phone

– What To Do

– Switch Type

– State After Power Cycle

– Reset Energy Counter

– Tamper settings

– Motion sensor sensitivity

– Tamper settings

– Visual indication

– Detection sustain time

– LED indication

– Reversed device logic

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