Adding a new Home Center to Remote Access


This article will teach you how to add your Home Center to remote access.


  • FIBARO Home Center Lite/2.
  • PC or Mac with the network connection.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Go to  FIBARO ID website, enter your E-mail address and click NEXT.
  2. Enter your Password and click LOG IN.
  3. Click MORE in REMOTE ACCESS section.
  4. Click LOG IN to authorize access with your FIBARO ID.
  6. Enter the SERIAL NUMBER and the MAC ADDRESS of your Home Center and click ADD HOME CENTER.
  7. You can find the serial number and the mac address on a sticker placed on your Home Center.
  8. Your Home Center has been added. Click OK.
  9. Now you can see your Home Center on HOME CENTER LIST. Click OPEN to log in to your Home Center and access it remotely

Deleting Home Center from Remote Access

  1. Log in to your FIBARO ID account.
  2. Choose the Home Center you want to Delete from HOME CENTER LIST and click trash can icon.
  3. Click DELETE to confirm the operation.

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