Adding FIBARO to Google Home

Google Home is a smart assistant made by Google that responds to voice commands and questions. Now you can add FIBARO actions to your Google Home.


  • FIBARO Home Center system
  • FIBARO ID account
  • Smartphone with Google Home App (Android, iOS)
  • Google Home device

How to add FIBARO action to Google Home

  1. Make sure that your Google Home is properly connected and the language of your app is English.
  2. Run Google Home app.
  3. Activate your Google Assistant by saying: Hey Google, talk to FIBARO. The activation link to FIBARO services will appear on the screen after a short moment. Activate it (tap on “Link” and sign in to FIBARO ID).
  4. Google Assistant integration

  5. In the next step log in to your FIBARO ID account.
  6. google assistant compatible

    google home compatible device

  7. After successful connection, the information about integration will be shown.
  8. google home smart home

  9. Start using FIBARO actions for Google Home. Check this article to get to know how to communicate with Google Home to control FIBARO Home Center. Here you can check frequently asked questions.


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