Adding devices to Vera controller


Did you buy Vera controller and you want to add FIBARO devices to it? This short instruction will help you do that.


Step-by-step guide

Adding device

  1. Go to the Devices section.
  2. Click Add Device.
  3. Choose a Generic Z-wave device from the list.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Follow the inclusion process as described in the users manual. If you run out of time and you didn’t successfully add your device – click Retry.
  7. Enter the name of the added device and choose a room it will be placed in.

Device options

Click the right arrow next to the device to see more options.

In the device details view, you can:

  • Change the name of the device
  • Assign the device to another room
  • Change parameters of the device
  • Change advanced options
  • Add association
  • Check logs history
  • Create notification
  • Create a scene


Unpairing device

  1. Choose the device you want to remove and click the arrow next to it.
  2.  Go to the bottom of the page and click Delete Device.
  3.  Click Unpair.
  4.  Follow the device manual to unpair the device.

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