FIBARO Z-Wave Home Automation System

The FIBARO System is wireless smart home automation system that gives you the ability to connect all electric appliances in your home into one network controlled by one device – Home Center.

The FIBARO System integrates many devices allowing them to cooperate with each other to make your life more comfortable. Thanks to the motion sensors the FIBARO System can turn on and off lights in your house depending which room you are in. The FIBARO System is able to turn off the heating when you are not at home and turn it on before your arrival.

Appropriate configuration of your system can save you up to 30% of electricity and 23% of heat energy.

Range of application and configuration of the FIBARO System is immense and limited only by the imagination.

YES, the FIBARO System can control central heating, air-conditioners, heat pumps and other similar devices.

Before connecting devices mentioned above with the FIBARO System you should verify if the device allows external control through other devices. Some of the manufacturers did not foresee such functionality, therefore you should examine if the device has that capability before buying or connecting the FIBARO System to it.

Functions of that kind are rarely used by users, so they might not be described in the device’s manual.

In most cases there are no issues with connecting the FIBARO System to central heating, air-conditioners, heat pumps and other similar devices.

Yes, you can control the FIBARO System through the personal computer via local network.

The FIBARO System was created with the idea of controlling it with a device everyone has with themselves all the time – mobile phone.

It is very comfortable and economical, because there is no need for buying a new device.

Yes, you can control the FIBARO System through SMS.

Yes, the FIBARO System can be controlled through the website created specifically for that purpose.

No, you will not.

One of the unique advantages of our system is its mobility. None of the elements of the FIBARO System are permanently connected with the structure of your building. Thanks to that, you can dismount and take them to your new home. On top of that, when you move your whole system to the new location, Home Center gateway will remember your modules network and settings. All scenes you have created, associations etc. will still function.

No, you don’t have to.

Thanks to the wireless communication between the devices, the FIBARO System can by freely expanded with new modules and devices whenever you want.

Installation and configuration of individual devices is extremely clean and easy. Everyone can connect any module using instructions from a manual included with a device.

Yes, integration of the FIBARO System with an alarm system is possible by using our Relay Switch and Universal Binary Sensor modules. Some of the alarm systems can be connected to the HC2 gateway via local network and integrated with one of our many plugins giving you the full and simple integration.

Yes. Before any of the FIBARO System device is allowed to the market it must go through number of tests, starting with the process of Z-Wave technology certification and ending with examining compliance with EU safety and emission standards.

Yes. Thanks to the FIBARO System you can watch images from your cameras on your mobile devices.

Yes, the FIBARO System can control the heating.

You can program the FIBARO System to turn off heating in rooms with open windows. Temperature can be set individually for each room depending on the time of the day. The FIBARO System can control the electric valves giving it the ability to integrate with the floor heating system.

Yes, of course. The FIBARO System was invented in Poland and is powered by the Z-Wave technology. Our system is manufactured entirely in Poland.

No, the FIBARO System devices are ready to use before shipping to the client. All you have to do is unpack the device and install it according to included manual to benefit from the FIBARO System smart home automation.

Wireless range in buildings is around 30 meters, depending on what materials were used in the construction. In practice Mesh network topology used by the FIBARO System prevents influence of the building construction on its operation. Mains powered devices work as a receiver and transmitter that can send radio signal between themselves expanding network range in this way.

No, it is not possible. The FIBARO System works on the Z-Wave standard that uses frequencies around 900Mhz. Due to that mobile phones, wireless headphones and other similar devices will not disturb the FIBARO System operation.

No, there is no such possibility. The FIBARO System is based on the Home Center gateway and every one of them has a unique identifier. In order to control a device, it has to be added to the HC memory, otherwise it will neither be visible nor controllable.

Yes, the Roller Shutter module was created specifically for that purpose. It will control the shutters after connecting it to the shutters’ engine. It is the world’s only device that can control the position of a blind without additional sensors.

Yes, Dimmer module was created specifically for that purpose. It is the world’s only device that can be connected to a 2-wire electrical installation and on top of that it is the world’s only device that can dim minimal power consumption lights, like LEDs and fluorescent lamps on condition that they are dimmable.

Relay Switch, which comes in two versions with different maximal loads:

1 x 2.5kW – they are installed where there is a need to control one device with a power up to 2.5kW, or few devices with a total power up to 2.5kW

2 x 1.5kW – they are installed where there is a need to control two devices powered with a separate circuit which has a power up to 1.5kW for each device

FIBARO modules are designed to be installed in wall switch boxes or mounted in the housing of a controlled device.

Radiation levels of our devices are roughly 150-200 times smaller than those of a mobile phone. We carry mobile phones with ourselves all the time and yet no one noticed any harmful effects.

Yes, a three-phase relay controlled by our Relay Switch module will let you cut of the power whenever there is a need for that, making your home even safer.

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