General Information window of Configuration section of Home Center 2 provides basic information about your HC gateway, lets you choose main sensors, restart and change language of the interface.
Basic information about the Home Center 2 include: serial number, MAC address, current software version, time and date last system backup file was created and server status.

The Access Control window allows you to manage the accounts of the users of your Home Center 2. It allows you to grant/block access to the devices, scenes and system settings. From the Access Control it is also possible to grant/block access using the hotel mode for a given mobile application or set a period for reporting GPS locations from a certain mobile device. Also, the Access Control gives an option to define mobile devices which will receive Push Notifications.


In the Backup window of the Backup & Recovery section the backup files are created and list of them is displayed. Backup file is a copy of a file containing the information’s about all devices added to the system and all of their settings, users individual settings and the HC2 operating system.


Diagnostic panel allows to monitor Home Center 2 resources usage, like CPU, RAM memory and storage memory. Z-Wave tab of Diagnostic panel displays if all your Z-Wave devices are configured properly.

Remote Gateways allow to create large network of home automation.


LAN Settings window allows for configuring local network settings HC2 is connected into.


Location window includes time, date and format settings. Additionally, it is possible to enter the longitude and latitude or city used for monitoring weather conditions (also used in scenes).


Z-Wave network  – in this window the Z-Wave network settings and parameters are displayed. It is recommended to change this settings only by advanced users.