The device can be used with an additional, dedicated temperature sensor (FGBRS-001) to provide the best temperature regulation.
It can be placed anywhere in the room and the device will use it as a reference point for the room temperature.
Before using, the sensor must be paired with the thermostatic head. One thermostatic head can be paired with only one sensor, but one sensor can be paired with up to three thermostatic heads.

FGBRS-001 is the only compatible temperature sensor.

To pair the FGBRS-001 with the device:

  1. Press and hold the button (or use the key included if necessary).
  2. heat controller

  3. Release the button when you see blue LED colour.
  4. Click the button to confirm the selection, the LED ring will start blinking blue.
  5. Within 1 minute click button on the sensor.
  6. The LED ring on thermostatic head will blink to confirm the result:
    • 5 times green – sensor paired successfully,
    • 5 times red – sensor not paired.
  7. Place the sensor in same room as head, no further than 5 meters from it.

To remove all paired heads from the sensor’s memory:

  1. Press and hold the button on the sensor for 2 seconds.
    heat controller temperature level
  2. The LED on the sensor will blink 3 times to confirm unpairing.