The DS18B20 temperature sensor may be installed anywhere where temperature readouts are necessary. If adequately protected, the DS18B20 sensor may be installed in humid conditions, under water, sealed in concrete or placed under the floor.

Connecting devices and sensors other than DS18B20 is not allowed.

  1. Take off the cover.
  2. Connect the temperature sensor according to figure below.
  3. Remove „I’m ready” paper stripe protecting the battery from discharging.
  4. Close the casing.
  5. Add the device as described in Adding to the network.
  6. Install the device in desired location using the attached self-adhesive pads.
  7. Wake up the Sensor by triple clicking the TMP button.

Connecting/disconnecting the temperature sensor to/from previously added Door/Window Sensor, requires removing and re-adding the device to the Z-Wave network.